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Journal Entry: Sun May 3, 2015, 8:00 AM
I have to share this comment I received on Mercenaries and Angels!

SPOILER ALERT for those who've not read M&A (Fair warning)

"I've finished the book now, and I thought it was a really good read. I particularly liked the ending - the way you played with expectations and had Max accept what had happened to David, while Angelina found she couldn't handle it. It was surprising, while at the same time it made sense - and it came across as a lot more realistic than a happy 'walking off into the sunset' ending.

I also liked that you let on that Tigershark was David fairly early into the story, instead of having some big revelation at the end. It was more original this way and it gave more time to explore what felt to me to be the real heart of the story - how the two of them reacted to what had happened, and what it meant to them and the people around them. While still having all the exciting running about stuff, of course."

EEE!!! I'm so excited a new reader found this story so engaging!  *Dances*

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Ooo ooo ooooo!!!

Journal Entry: Fri May 1, 2015, 5:14 PM
With the proposed completion of the original TOHS trilogy coming up this Fall... I have been seriously considering making  a "Box Set" for the series...

Though I'm not having a whole lot of luck trying to track down methods to do this with my print versions, I realized through my reading that there is the sincere possibility of offering a DIGITAL box set!  Oh yes... THIS is definitely happening!  No fricking lie....

I don't know that it will be released at the same time as the single novel or whether I am going to give it a couple months into the following year to make it a special event.

If I do there will be extras.... lots and lots of extras!  (Now I just need to figure out WHAT!  LOL)  I will include images not seen in the books before like A Glass Of Wine: Cabal or I may actually create all new art falling into the trilogy...  Or even redux older pieces that were okay but could use a bit of upgrading! LMAO!

Is there anything else you my readers can think of that you would like to see in a special version of the three TOHS books?

I am SO excited but this is still so far away!

I should be talking up "Brothers Martin: In the Beginning" coming out this summer.

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Small Rant

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 26, 2015, 8:55 AM
Run if you're not interested in hearing me vent about a small irritation.


Still here?  You brave soul...

So, I know one of the reasons people get on a public forum such as DA is to garner attention and build an audience, we all have that intrinsic need to get our work some attention.  Even I'm guilty of that.

However, I get irritated when someone faves a work of mine, not because they really like my work, that they think it has something special that speaks to them... but because they're looking solely for more numbers to visit their profile.

When a response to a "thank you for faving" is "Look at my Gallery" I realize their fave was not in sincere interest of my work.  They're just trolling for numbers.

I'm sorry people, I visit your profile when I get the fave, how do you think I go about saying  "Thank you" for taking the time? 

That does NOT mean I am going to comment on every gallery I visit - I don't have the kind of time for that.  Don't come back at me and beg for some kind of comment on your work.  I don't expect it of people I fave and you shouldn't expect it from people whom you fave.

If you do, I merely delete your comment and move on with my day.

Have a good morning/day peeps


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I haven't Forgotten... I Promise

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 9, 2015, 7:39 PM
I promise, I haven't forgotten about the art I owe :iconblue6: or :iconneko-aika: for the Kiriban catch.  With the book coming in and sorting through BTSA for work (not to mention teaching and taking care of house) things have been a bit hectic.

Thank you both for your patience, I plan on holding a SPECIAL Livestream for each of you when I get ready to do up your art.  I will be noting you soon to ask you when are good times/days for each of you.

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Kiriban CAUGHT!

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 10, 2015, 8:41 PM
KIRIBAN CAUGHT!  Congratulations to :iconblue6: who caught the kiriban right on the money! 

Coming in just one view behind was :iconneko-aika: How about a bust sketch for the effort?

Both of you please contact me Via PM and let me know what you would like for your respctive prizes!


Well this is something I haven't done in a LOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGG time.

However, I feel it is more than time to offer another one of these!

So here's the deal.  For the person who captures the 41,000 pageview (or the closest to it) will win a full color bust of their choice.

The one Caveat... you have to be one of my followers to catch it.  (You can sure gift it once you win it...)

Please send me a screen capture of the event! 


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Logically Designed Antrhos

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 14, 2014, 8:56 AM
This may come across as a sort or rant, but that is not the intention, just observation and curiosity.

I've been working on M&A for a while now trying to prepare it for a 2015 publishing date. My main character is Tigershark - a shark anthro. There was a lot of thought put into Tigershark's design over the years, from the minor aesthetic choices to ones that are medically and physiologically possible for such a mutation to be successful.

I'm very much into design choices and physical characteristics making some sort of scientific sense. And some times I see things that make me go: "hmmm, how could that logically work?" Such is the case with the placement of gills on an anthro character.

I have seen many gilled anthros in both art and film and TV and one of the design choices I could never quite fathom was placement of gills on the chest.

For a humanoid who still has lung tissue a chest gill design makes little to no sense to me. It would mean that water would need to be drawn into the lungs in order for the water to be seined through the gill tissue to extract oxygen. With the way lungs work, filling the alveoli with water would only cause problems. (IE Pneumonia)

Fish have evolved where the gills are just aft of the head and connected directly to the mouth. This allows for a bellows effect which draws water into the mouth and out the gills, passing water over the structures that pull oxygen directly from the water.

Logically - my head tells me the same should be true for an antrho with gills as well. I believe they should have placement either aft of the jawline or on the neck above the location of the epiglottis.

This would allow for the adaptation of the epiglottis to close off the lungs while gills are in use and not flood the lungs with water.

It just seems to me that a chest gilled anthro would have major health issues (unless the lungs weren't present, in which case it really wouldn't matter a whole lot - aside that it wouldn't be an efficient gas seining system because of distance between intake and outflow.) and might not survive for any real length of time.

That's my two cents worth - thanks for reading... moving on with my day.

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Courtesy? Surely You Jest ('No thanks' for thanks)

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 5, 2013, 6:16 PM
You guys may remember this rant from me:…

Yeah I'm starting to run into it again.  People who have it in their journals or on their front page that they do not accept "Thank you"s for faves, llamas, etc.  This time because it's cluttering their front page and it annoys them. 

Wait...WHAT?  You're on a social media site...your showing appreciation for another's work, and then you're going to tell them not to thank you?  That's like not thanking the barista who fixes your coffee at Starbucks - Not thanking the guy who was kind enough to allow you ahead of him in line.

What kind of world is this turning into?  If it's an inconvenience for you to look at someone thanking you for your appreciation of their hard work get off DA for heaven's sake! 

For the most part no one is going to see your front page but brand new readers...and you...and people spinning through to thank you for something only to send it and find out you don't want it?  O_O it boggles me!

I see some people with some pretty splendid art and normally I find new people to follow by going to their front page thanking them and then looking through their gallery.  When I find someone who doesn't want courtesy they can kiss a WATCH goodbye - that's a bad attitude in my opinion. 

Way to isolate yourself from the world.

Yes, six days straight of fishing has made me very tired and quite irritable...sorry for the repeat rant...

Thanks for letting me vent again...:P

Don't Tell Me Not to be Courteous....

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 20, 2012, 9:37 AM
It's happened again...I'm running into people who tell me "Don't thank me for ________."

I've mentioned it before, but I'm going to say it again.  This attitude irritates me to NO END!

Don't tell me not to say Thank You for doing me a kindness.  I appreciate every Fave, Llama, and comment I get and I do my utmost to be sure the people who take that time KNOW IT.

Your time - when there are hundreds of THOUSANDS of deviations on this site to look at - is valuable.  That you thought it worthy of a fave, or a comment, or you like my profile well enough to give me a llama (even when you don't know me),  makes me excited, happy, worthy...

Then I go to your profile and you tell me essentially "I don't want to hear it..."

That's essentially adding "but" to the action.  If you don't know "but" means everything said before doesn't count - you're contradicting it - rescinding it.  Don't do that to feels like an insult, like you've undermined the action as unimportant - of no consequence - that there's no meaning behind the action.

Probably not the intent right?  


I was taught to say  thank you and please, and may I.  I grew up that way...

I will not stop that just because you say "don't" and don't come back and yell at me if I do...because you will not like my response....

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Hilarious Secret Santa Gift...TOHS based!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 16, 2010, 8:18 PM

WELCOME TO MY GALLERY! Passing through, Intrigued by a piece of art in your favorite category, a webcomic reader, or dedicated fan of my work, I appreciate your support!

Take a look around, enjoy a tour through my many varied interests - whether vampires, mutants, cyborgs or fantasy/science fiction.

You can check out my hobby in webcomics, my fan art, or my various sketches in the sketchbook!

I appreciate feedback and even critiques (especially on my written works!)

OMG!  I HAD to share this with you guys!  

Over on Drunk Duck they recently had sign ups for Secret Santa.  I decided this year that I'm going to participate in the exchange.  

Today I got a Private Quack from mine with his gift to me attached.  I was ROLLING right off the bat, just absolutely in tears over how funny this was!  So I've gotten Gunwallace's permission to share it with you guys!

Name of Image
Name of Image
Name of Image
Name of Image

Definitely spin by his comic, he's got a ton of Playmobile based comics just like this one!  

Thanks Dude and Merry Christmas!

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