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December 27, 2011
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How I make: NRTD pt 1 by Tigershark06 How I make: NRTD pt 1 by Tigershark06
I decided that because my style of creation has changed somewhat I would put together a new series of WIP's to demonstrate how I do my comic creation now....

This of course is the draft. The last set I did was done with a digital draft. These days its six of one half a dozen another. In other words the quality on the other end isn't affected by whether the draft was done on paper like this one or blue lined like the previous....

You will note that There are already some lines on this one...yeah that's me forgetting to add a layer in which to do the lines! LMAO!

I "blacked out" the dialogue, because I don't want to give away the conversation right at the moment! LOL! So draft...You will note there are some proportion problems. This happens to me EVERY draft....

The lines when I get them up you will note have been adjusted somewhat.

Part 2: [link]

Part 3: [link]

Part 4: [link]

Part 5: [link]
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