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December 21, 2008
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First Christmas Revisited by Tigershark06 First Christmas Revisited by Tigershark06
You guys may remember me posting this (actually I can't recall if I DID post this...I don't think I did...heh...

Anyway, this was originally a sketch, which I then colored in pencil. It was beautiful then...but, I really like Steve and Maribel's relationship, and I thought it would be nice to redo the picture using my more refined art style!

If you've seen the picture before, you will probably note that there are some subtle and not so subtle changes about this. Eye contact between Steve and Maribel was absent in the previous one, and I changed slightly their body language towards one another.

This is a picture that reflects the story "The Perfect Gift" one of two chapters of "A Brothers Martin Christmas" for a Special you can find from now until Christmas on my Fictionpress profile. The story is about six years old, but looking at it, I can tell you that I did some work to it that brings it up to speed with my current level of writing.

Please enjoy the picture!
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yeah, you have definitely improved! The oriiginal was really nice, but this is even better! They look so sweet together.
Tigershark06 Apr 3, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Much appreciated...

I had a lot of fun revisiting this picture
I must admit, I want her dress! :XD: I love how you designed it! This drawing is awesome! The backgrounds, the tree, the poses, the emotions... wonderful work! :clap:
Tigershark06 Dec 22, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:D thanks! I really do like how it came out. I tried to be more subtle about form without hard lines to define certain things. (Like her breasts). I took a lot of time on this picture...More than I expected to, but Steve and Maribel deserve the extra attention to detail!
Wow, she really is one of Santa's sexier elves. Was this before they opened their presents, cause I don't see "the ring"? You know, "that ring". ^_^ Anyway, it really is a beautiful drawing and I really like her dress. Wish I could wear something like that. And I like the tree.
Tigershark06 Dec 22, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pre-present exchange! HEE!

Thanks I like the tree too! I was surprised by the effect I was able to recreate. The bulbs and lights took me the longest about the tree! The base shade was a airbrush and an eraser tool to create the boughs. Then another layer to create shadows and highlights!

And I LOVE the way her dress came out...I have GOT to plug that tool into my base brushes! It's awesome!
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