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Cabal's Scar Meme - Before the Fall by Tigershark06 Cabal's Scar Meme - Before the Fall by Tigershark06
The last of the three meme's for Cabals myriad scars.

This set is from the time he was born until he was about fifty: a very conpacted amount of time.

1. Vampire scratches. Yes, these are exactly where the scratches Renate gave him were. Only these were given to him by his mother...yes that's right both of his parents tattooed him across the chest. Cabal was twenty-five when Carmen went completely off her rocker and started blaming Cabal for all that was wrong in her life (all the while trying to kill him). Shattered is based off this event. The encounter ended up with Cabal killing Carmen and setting him on the road to becoming a vampire hunter after his father.

2. Vampire bite: Ten years later Cabal finds a person who had the skill set he is looking to learn - a human named Corea Nguyen. So for the next several years Cabal trained under her, only to find himself on his OWN against a brood of vampires who comes hunting in New Fresno. One of them got in too close and bit Cabal...

Another set of years where not a lot got etched into his body. However it was also during this time period that Cabal figured out he is in fact allergic to silver - just not as severely as a true vampire. (this is the reason he wears gloves, long term exposure to the silver in his stakes causes a pretty severe case of contact dermatitis!)

Thank you for taking a look at these! Much appreciated, any and all comments welcome!
Blue6 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2012
The scars across the chest are cool. Never realized both his parents did that xD
Tigershark06 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah he got tattooed twice in the chest in the same manner...I never actually realized that correlation until about three years ago!
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